Lifesum: Diet & Food Tracker App Reviews

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Way worse version

This version is way worse than the previous one. Lots of bugs with the management of the objectives and impossible to update weight without reseting them (objective completed everytime!!). The "steps" to reach the objective are crappy and bugged. Is it possible to return to the previous version?!!


Using the gold account. Its super easy and well made. I would suggest more recipes choices than just one/meal/day and some reminders that we could activate : for water every hour for instance, to log food in etc. But thank you for this app its great :)

Helps a lot!!

Im using to control my keto diet, water intake and exercise level. Very nice indeed!! Already helped me lose 11kg!!!!!!


i loved it! thats a really good app

Best health app Ive tested so far

And I tested a bunch


Very usefull, but unfortunately doesnt syncronize properly with Steps app

Great To keep on tack

Great app to keep the good habits of eating and exercising along the week

Very nice!

Very nice app! Help me a lot to control what I am eating. The only bad thing is there are many option you have to pay to use, and its expensive! Price could me cheaper!

great for private and professional use

A great app for those who need to get the feeling for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. U only need some time in the beginning and then all logging is pretty fast.


Alles was man braucht !!

Extremely helpful for my diet

This little app helps a lot hitting my macros every day. I highly recommend using it if you want to have a simply interface and are passionate enough to track everything you eat and drink throughout the day.

Comfortable App

The App is easy to use and very helpful. Only downside is that it bothers you a bit about going Premium.


I downloaded this and upgraded to the premium membership and am very sorry I did. The food search is heavily weighted to brands and restaurants. And the rating scale is just plain off. I had steel cut oats, 1/4 fresh mango and skim milk for breakfast, NO added brown sugar

Great features for a free app

A few years ago I paid $30/month for weight watchers - now its available for free, same format

Easy to use and motivating

Easy peasy- love it

Its the best Ive used to date.

I like that it stores what I have eaten so it it easier to enter again.


Awesome user interface. Extremely easy to use

Dont spend your money.

The gold membership is pointless. I accidentally bought it and I hate it. All it gave me was a few recipes that were far too complicated and expensive to make. I can google recipes for free. Such a waste of money.

Many issues with the Apple Watch app

So far the app has major issues with the Apple Watch aspect. It is severely inconsistent with updating between the meals/calories entered on the iPhone app and the Apple Watch app itself. Having waited 15 minutes after entering a meal on the iPhone app leaving 960 calories remaining in the calorie allotment for my day, the Apple Watch app is saying I’m 594 calories OVER my allotment for the day. That’s a major inconsistency, I’d say. Also, the app doesn’t update the “glance” option at any point. Otherwise, I’m happy with the app on the iPhone! I’m giving it 1 star, and will happily change it once my main issue, and the reason I got the app (the Apple Watch) is remedied.

Easy simple and useful. Love it!

You can set favourites. Easy access menu for edits and addition of food and activities.

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